A love of the LP Record, Music and Equipment. With a touch of buying and selling…collecting, listening and sharing. Live music and even CD’s.

Me… Stu.
Is this a mid life crisis or the rediscovery of something that I just happened upon?
It took me over 6 years to move in to my current abode. Something to do with the fact I was moving into someone else’s home, all be it the future Missus. So in that time my well kept and protected record collection had stayed boxed and under wraps. The conversion of a large office space into a new media room, ensured the collection had the dust blown off it.
But nothing to play them on.

So what to do? By chance, a friend tells me of his joy of vinyl, yes it was a moment to cue those jokes, and more importantly, “I’m selling my record player?” Now there was a thought… So a couple of weeks later I’m off to collect a Rega P3 deck, in great condition and working order. In fact it looked nearly new.  Definitely a VG+. Thank you, Simon. Then came the Rega amp, a pair of Mourdant Short MS 20i Pearl Speakers, plus a new Elys Cartridge and everything was hooked up. Suddenly there was a new clarity to the music I love.

As to the vinyl, well it definitely  gets played, I collect a lot and sell a bit…


Well, I’m the friend who supplied the Rega P3 mentioned above…because I’d just bought a Rega P5 (once you like the Rega sound it’s difficult to move on).

I’ve loved music since the very early 80’s – an (almost) life long love affair that started with Adam Ant and Nik Kershaw, then progressed via Dire Straits, Def Leppard and Iron Maiden until we reach my current preferred genres of modern day prog, ambient, classical – and pretty much everything else. I’m a mixture of a huge music fan and a hi-fi nerd, so half of my disposable income goes on new vinyl, the other half on upgrading the system I play it on! Currently that consists of a heavily modified Rega P5 turntable (about the only original part now is the motor and the plinth) that feeds into a Croft RIAA phonostage. This then connects to a Cyrus 8a amp (as does a Cyrus CD7Q CD player) which outputs to a rather lovely pair of Spendor A3 speakers. I love tweaking hi-fi, buying and selling second hand as I upgrade, trying different things. I’m much less likely to be found selling vinyl, I tend to hoard that…

I’ll be around with more hi-fi related topics…but there’ll always be a musical background – after all, what’s the equipment with nothing to play on it?


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