Review: The Bonnevilles – Arrow Pierce My Heart

Every now and then a band comes along and you have to sit up and take notice. It doesn’t happen so often these days. Then along came the second album from the boys from Lurgan, Northern Ireland – The Bonnevilles.

A two piece band consisting of Andrew McGibbon Jr on guitars and vocals, with Christopher McCullen rocking over the ‘skins’ with a touch and a ruthlessness that belies a delicate  skill. The vocals from Mr McGibbon follow suit as does his tenacity across the strings as he moves from a ‘hard edged fuzz’ to riffs that keep your feet tapping well into the early hours.


They describe themselves as garage punk blues, which for me is usually a description of hard edged disorganised chaos. How untrue that statement is. Arrow Pierce My Heart has a hard edge to it with tracks like ‘The Whiskey Lingers’ that then roll smoothly into something distinctively less edgy. The ‘Electric Company’ is about as hard as it gets. The acoustic close to side one of the album ‘Eggs and Bread’, remains dark, even mournful and leaves you rushing to flip to side two for more.

So part two quite simply picks the pace back up. ‘I Dreamt of the Dead’ moves quickly along. It sums the band up nicely with its pace, riff and rolling drums.  ‘I’ve Come Too Far For Love To Die’ is another corker that follows. As the album heads to a close another acoustic lament ‘Those Little Lies’ calms things down before the closing ‘Learning to Cope’ cranks up the riffs with a wall of sublime loudness.

The Bonnevilles, deserve more notice as they write and perform some first rate music. Their hard hitting garage blues is balanced with their acoustic prowess and the album is well  produced to round things off nicely. An easy 8 out of 10. Go take a listen.


Arrow Pierce My Heart is available from Alive Natural Sound 0180-1, on shinny black vinyl and if you must CD and download.
Pictured is the limited edition ‘Gold Splatter’ available from

The Bonnevilles can be found online too.


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