Discovering Little Feat…

I enjoy The Led Zeppelin, musically superb and with enough diversification to each album to keep me coming back, well excluding Physical Graffiti… I then like to read and discover more about a band, their influences, the album backgrounds and the band members.  In doing so a connection was made. Jimmy Page, was quoted as saying these guys were his favourite American band. He was then featured on the album art, dressed in blue, for their second  record, Sailin’ Shoes (1972).

Little Feat.

In Brief: Formed in 69, Little Feat’s first two albums received critical acclaim, before an expansion in the band took the third album in a slightly different direction. A more rock, blues mixed with funk style took their sound to new levels and new listeners.

  • Little Feat 1971 and Salin’ Shoes 1972: Lowell George, Roy Estrada, Richie Hayward, Bill Pain
  • Dixie Chicken 1973, Feats Don’t Fail Me Know 1974, The Last Record Album 1975, Time Loves A Hero 1977, Down On The Farm 1979: Lowell George, Richie Hayward, Bill Pain, Paul Barrere, Sam Clayton, Kenny Gradney.

Commercially the 1972 -79 line up was the most successful with many suggesting that the band peaked in the mid 70’s. Down on The Farm was at the time the bands last album following the death of founder Lowell George.

One there most acclaimed records was the live double, Waiting for Columbus (’78) which also went on to be one of their best selling albums.

If Little Feat are new to you to then, their rock/bluesey/ funky style is pretty unmistakable, their album covers well worth in investigating and their music just superb.  With that I leave your further investigations with the ‘Fat Man in the Bathtub’…



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