More Live…

Pretty much every band or artist at some point embarks and releases that all important, catalogue filling, live album. Yet how many times in more recent times have they just sounded like a rendition of what happened in the studio. Less ad lib, more digital perfection for the headphone, iPhone wielding masses, perhaps? So once again, for me … More More Live…

New Technics SL 1200

With an anticipated price tag of around £3,000, the new Technics SL1200 turntable has been getting plenty of press. According to Technics the turntable has had to be completely revamped as the original tooling was either lost or badly damaged. The cost is explained by the fact that everything had to retooled and remodelled, with … More New Technics SL 1200

Slowhand At 70

Earlier this year Eric Clapton performed his 200th concert, with a nostalgic performance at the Royal Albert Hall. In his 70th year he performed many of his classics and to celebrate a new album has gone on pre sale for release in the UK this coming November. It’s on order! More recently Mr C was admitted … More Slowhand At 70

Live Vinyl

Perhaps it is just me and my son, but sitting one night listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘One More From (For) the Road’ we both agreed that there is definitely something about a live recording. So as you do the discussion started as to the reasons and what were the best live recordings we listen too. … More Live Vinyl